Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Glimpse

We haven’t written much on this blog this past year but this doesn’t mean we haven’t had anything to share. Emily is often on our mind and always in our heart. Now, with Emily’s birth date fast approaching and a few days of free time thanks to a short vacation it is the perfect time to pass along a special story.

Nearly a year ago, a few days after my hand accident to be exact, Laura was driving home with the kids from Iowa. As she drove the minivan somewhere in the flat scenery of Nebraska she had what she later described as a glimpse, a momentary sight of Emily- not with her eyes, but in her mind. Emily was older, beautiful with long flowing hair and her back to Laura until she turned and gave a big smile… And that was it- a glimpse, a smile but for Laura (and later for me) this was huge.

Honestly, I can be skeptical when I hear stories of visions, not because I doubt God but I question man and motive. That said, here is what I know: That glimpse has been deeply helpful to us both as well as an affirmation of the truth we cling to from Scripture: heaven is real and to be present with Jesus, whether here or there, is joy!

There is one more part of our story worth mentioning: Several weeks after Laura’s vision she was telling a close friend what happened. As the story unfolded this lady shared with joy that, unknown to Laura, she had been praying for several months that Laura would get to see her daughter Emily as she really is. This is an aggressive request from a loving friend and we are so thankful she asked and the Lord answered.

(Note: To others who read this blog who have lost a child we hope you find this account a personal encouragement)